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Our company was founded in 1963 in Erzurum by our father, the late Rafet Alemdar, and our uncle, the late Aydın Alemdar brothers, under the name of Oto Alemdar Kolektif Company. Until 1970, the authorized truck unit dealership of spare parts and vehicles was carried out at the same address in Erzurum. In 1970, Istanbul Sirkeci. A branch was opened in , and later it became a headquarters. Until 1994, mostly import-based wholesale spare parts trade was carried out in Istanbul, and between 1980-1987, construction works and construction machinery imports were also carried out. From 1994 to 2000, it operated only as Alemdar Oto Aş in Yedpa Trade Center. Wholesale spare parts trading was carried out. Our company, which provided Ford truck authorized service between 2001 and 2007, turned to exports and stopped providing service. Until today, it has continued to grow by adding the construction business to our export business, which started in 1996. Currently, we export complete vehicles, automotive spare parts and construction materials to approximately 20 countries and provide spare parts supply services to the remotest parts of our country.


By continuing our sustainable growth, we continue to be the LEADING company that directs all markets in our business group with the brands we represent in our sector and the ALR brand we have developed.


To maintain our awareness as a company that meets the needs of our customers, our benefactors, in the shortest time, with quality service and at affordable prices, without compromising our safe and principled stance, and to add value to our business partners and employees.


Firmamız birlikte çalıştığı tüm personelini iş ortağı olarak görür ve elamanlarından da aynı özeni bekler ve ister. Firmamız son derece tecrübeli elemanlarının yanı sıra sıfırdan alıp yetiştirerek sektöre kattığı personelleri ile bilinmektedir. Firmamızda her personel eğitimine ve iş tecrübesine göre verilen iş tarifi ile görev yapar. Sigortasız ve sosyal haksız personel çalıştırmamayı düstur eden firmamızda işe girişten itibaren bir yıl sonra ve izleyen her yıl sonunda performansa göre ücret artısı yapılır.


Our company has adopted the principle of total quality, from the first application of the customer until the need is met, at the level of the business, with our company culture until 2001, and with ISO 9001-2000 quality standards after 2001, for the products we produce with our ALR brand, both for our business partner, FORD OTOMOTİV, and for the other DİRSAN OTOMOTİV, HEMA, of which we are the dealer. While complying with the standards of local manufacturers such as FEDERAL MOGUL and global brands such as Eaton, Borgwarner, Holset, ZF TURKEY, WABCO, KAVLICO, MERITOR, DELPHI, of which we continue to be authorized dealers in Turkey, we not only supply but also store, sell and deliver all the products we sell. We consider observation, measurement, recording and tracking as the most important part of our work until the end user's warranty period is completed.

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