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about us

As Alemdar, our company, which provides services in Turkey and worldwide in the field of Ford Otosan Heavy Commercial (Ford Cargo) Wholesale Spare Parts, prioritizes customer satisfaction with its vast experience, quality service and fast service. Our company, which wholesales ALR and other distinguished brands in addition to original parts, has been continuing its path by adopting the goals of quality, trust and availability since the first day of our establishment.



Our company was founded in Erzurum in 1963 by our father, the late Rafet Alemdar, and our uncle, the late Aydın Alemdar brothers, under the name of Oto Alemdar Kolektif Company.


 İstanbul Sirkeci’de şube açılmış daha sonra merkez haline getirilmiştir.


Construction works and construction machinery imports started between 1980 and 1987.


From 1994 to 2000, only wholesale spare parts trading was carried out at Yedpa Trade Center as Alemdar Oto Aş.


Our company, which provided Ford truck authorized service between 2001 and 2007, turned to exports and stopped providing service.


Until today, it has continued to grow by adding the construction business to our export business, which started in 1996.


Firmamız 2018 yılında inşaat ve Yedek parça faliyetlerini tek çatı altında toplayarak Alemdar Yapı Otomotiv firmasını kurmuş ve hizmetlerine bu firma üzerinden devam etmiştir.

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